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Details Feminism-Objectivity-and-Economics-Economics-As-Social-Theory

Feminism, Objectivity and Economics This classic study extends feminist analysis to economics but rejects setting up an economics solely for women It is the first full length, single authored book to focus on gender bias in contemporary economics.

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Details Ontology-and-Economics-Routledge-Advances-in-Heterodox-Economics

Ontology and Economics This original book brings together some of the world's leading critics of economics orthodoxy to debate Lawson's contribution to the economics literature. The debate centres on ontology, which means enquiry into the nature of ...

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Details Foundations-of-Research-in-Economics-How-Do-Economists-Do-Economics-Advances-in-Economic-Methodology

Foundations of Research in Economics: How Do Economists Do Economics? (Advances in Economic Methodology)

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Details Monetary-Economics-The-New-Palgrave-Economics-Collection

The New Palgrave Economics Collection Following the publication of the award-winning and much-acclaimed The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, Second Edition, which brings together Nobel Prize winners and the brightest young scholars to survey the ...